Keto Snacks Taste Test – Including Homemade Keto Donuts!!!

The donuts were made with Carbquick:
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We’re back with another taste test! These are our favorite videos to make hands down… We do the arduous job of tasting delicious keto snacks for you guys and tell you whether we think you should try them for yourselves or save your money. While we do encourage everyone to cook homemade meals as much as possible, we also know it’s important to have some keto snacks you can turn to for a treat every once in a while, or as a meal on the go. We taste and review some keto snacks we’ve been trying to track down for a few weeks now. We have Arctic Zero Cookie Shake Ice Cream, Raspberry Truffle NoCow Bar, Habanero BBQ Blue Diamond Almonds, and an extra special treat of homemade donut holes(munchkins). We bust out 3 versions of donut holes. Maple Bacon, Cinnamon Sugar, and to celebrate the changing of the seasons a Pumpkin Spice munchkin!

If you like the looks of our donuts we will have a recipe up on our blog in the next few weeks after we perfect them.

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