Keto Caesar Salad Dressing: Quick & Easy

Is there anything better than a delicious plate of greens topped with a creamy and flavorful Caesar dressing? I think not! This recipe uses Milk Kefir to give your gut a great probiotic boost. However, if you don’t have Kefir you can just use Heavy Whipping Cream. (Just don’t use an immersion blender, use a whisk to mix by hand)

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Recipe Notes:
Makes about 20 servings.
↑Follow the recipe link above for Nutrition Information.

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►►For the Parmesan Cheese, we buy a large block at Costco and grate it and then store in the freezer where we have real cheese ready to use when needed. The stuff you’ll find that’s shelf stable in the canisters is generally NOT real cheese and won’t lend the depth of flavor that real Parmesan will.

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