How to make a Chicken BLT Salad, Low Carb / Keto

From, makes 2 serves. They acknowledge bacon, lettuce and tomato is a classic combination — but why stop there? Make it keto by adding lettuce, some tender pieces of chicken and a dollop of creamy aioli. Sounds really good!

We thought this was very tasty, but really didn’t need the butter. We’re not doing keto, so I will omit that next time. After you put the chicken in the pan, it releases so much liquid that it as hard to get the chicken to brown rather than boil.

We served it wrapped in flaxseed wraps that have virtually NO carbs ( and it was great. Also, the dressing is very garlicky. It was delicious, but if you’re not a fan of lots of garlic, I would reduce it to just a teaspoon or less. OR better yet, just use my famous ranch dressing instead, it’s so much tastier. (

• 1 lb (450g) boneless chicken thighs
• 1 oz. (30g) butter
• ½ lb (225g) bacon
• 4 oz. (110g) cherry tomatoes
• 10 oz. (275g) Romaine/Cos lettuce
• salt and pepper
Garlic mayonnaise
• ¾ cup mayonnaise
• ½ tbsp garlic powder

1. Mix mayonnaise and garlic powder in a small bowl and set aside.
2. Fry the bacon slices in butter until crispy. Remove and keep warm. Save the grease in the pan.
3. Shred the chicken and season with salt and pepper. Fry in the same skillet as the bacon until golden brown and thoroughly cooked.
4. Rinse and shred the lettuce; be sure to use a clean cutting board and knife (different from the one used when handling the raw chicken). Place the lettuce on a plate and top with chicken, bacon, tomatoes, and a hearty dollop of garlic mayonnaise.

For a shortcut, sub in shredded rotisserie chicken. Then the bacon fat can be used to make a yummy bacon vinaigrette for the salad. (Just add a little vinegar and salt and pepper!) Per serve: 837 kcal, 78g fat, 28g protein, 4g net carbs (2g fiber).