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If you are getting tired of the same old recipes from your low carb diet give this broccoli salad a try! The Broccoli Salad dressing is basic and I do that on purpose…basic does NOT mean boring though! Low carb foods can be a challenge but the best thing to do is jazz them up so you don’t feel like you are eating the same thing over and over again! There’s a whole bunch more low carb recipes in The Bikini Model Cookbook and in the Members area! If you are looking for more Low Carb Recipes check out the Cookbook.

Low carb diets are a great way to lose weight fast. But the goal is to keep it off. I recommend keeping your carbs not lower than 45% of your daily intake.

Some vegetables are higher in carbs and some are lower. I mention in the video to use red pepper instead of tomatoes in the recipe if you are trying to keep your carbs low. Low carb vegetables are onions, broccoli and garlic. The tomatoes are a higher carb vegetable. Or higher in sugar. So if you are trying to keep your sugars low then maybe go with another veggie to replace it. Raw salad = glowing skin.
Healthy meals build beautiful bodies! Watch your sodium intake just a dash of the salt. Be sure to use a good quality olive oil for your healthy fat.

If you are looking to do a competition prep contact me at I love seeing you girls hit your goals! Lean progress.
Fitness competitions are a great way to really push yourself past your usual comfort zone. I’ve done 8 competitions and Won 1st place masters and 1st place open C bikini 2017! It’s not all about the win but the journey. And it’s important to remember that through the process.

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This is one of my favourite recipes for the summer.
Low Carb Diet Recipes don’t have to be complicated. This is an easy to make healthy broccoli recipe. To prepare this recipe it took under 5 minutes.
Broccoli Salad Recipes

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